Composición ganadora de nuestro socio Manuel Sanz Cabrero

Nuestro querido socio Manuel Sanz Cabrero se presentó al prestigioso concurso Minski & Nielsen de composiciones de ajedrez junto con Luis Miguel González y resultó agraciado con el primer premio a la mejor composición por delante de supermaestros de la composición como Oleg Pervakov o el israelí Afek.

Os dejamos el enlace de la página web del concurso:



Sanz Cabrero=M and Gonzalez=L

1st prize


Juegan negras y ganan blancas


Minski & Nielsen JT100

MM: This is an epic study, with a variety of good moves and an original zugzwang. The introduction is forced with Black to move. The finish lacks pointedness. SN: This begins like a grotesque monster. Two pawns waiting to promote with check and the rest of pieces thrown around the board (the pawn on a6 being particularly annoying). But then the study turns into a fascinating epic tale. Playing through the study one is in for a number of surprises. Having witness the zugzwang after 12. c5, one expects the study to end in some kind of prosaic fashion, but that is when the play becomes really fascinating with 15. Bf8, 17. c6!, 18…Qg7! 1… Rc5 2. Kg6! [2. Kh6? Rh5! 3. Kh5 Qf3 4. Kg5 Qg3 5. Kh6 Qd6= perpetual check] 2… Qc2! 3. Kg7 Qg2 4. Kf6! Qf2 5. Bf4 Qd4 6. Kg6 Ke7! 7. f8Q! [7. ab7? Qe4 8. Kg7 Qd4 9. Kh6 Rh5! 10. Kh5 Qf4 11. h8Q Qf5= perpetual check] 7… Kf8 8. h8Q! Qh8 9. Bd6 Ke8 10. Nf6 Kd8 11. a7! [11. Bc5? ba6! 12. ba6 Kc7=] 11… Rc8 12. c5 [or 12. b6 a minor dual] 12… Ra8 13. b6 Kc8! 14. Be7! Bishop maneouvre to lose a tempo 14… Rb8! [14… Ra7 15. ba7 Kc7 16. Bd6 Kc6 17. Bb8+-»] 15. Bf8! [15. ab8Q? Kb8 16. Bf8 Kc8 17. Kf7 Kb8!=] 15… Ra8 16. Bd6! Kd8! [16… Qd8 17. Kg7!+-» Domination] 17. c6! Now, with bK on d8, the break pawn is effective 17… bc6 18. b7 Qg7! An unexpected Queen sacrifice 19. Kg7 Ra7 20. Be7! This Bishop interference, also aiming at the h4-square, saves the day 20… Kc7 21. Ne8! Kb7 22. Bh4 c5 23. Nf6! Kc6 24. Kg6! c4 25. Ne4! [25. Bg5? c3! 26. h4 c2 27. h5 Kc5 28. h6 Kb4 29. h7 Rh7=] 25… Rd7 26. Bf6 Rd3 27. h4 Kd5 28. Nc3 Ke6 29. Ne2! The last point since now the h-pawn is unstoppable [29. Nb5? Rg3 30. Bg5 Kd5! 31. h5 c3 32. Na3 Rg2 33. h6 c2 34. Nc2 Rc2 35. h7 Rc8=]

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